Steve Jobs Nominated For The Most Coveted ‘Time Person’ Of The Year!

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Steve Jobs, the person who revolutionized mobile technology and changed the perception about how a mobile can work has been nominated for ‘Time Person’ of the Year by Time Magazine. How can a person think about a simple gadget that can have so much power? Well, it’s proven and the most important fact is that he could do it by connecting developers community to make iPhone and iPad so powerful gadgets.

Now iPhone 4S is being launched in India this November and the concept of a common platform for developers to create millions of mobile applications for the community will be even more powerful. Games to corporate communications there are millions of iPhone applications that can be installed on an iPhone and iPad.

I personally believe he deserves a lot more than just person of the year award. He has been the mentor to industries leading technology specialists for years. Apple appointed him back in 1997 after he resigned (a forced resignation) in the year 1985, why? They could realize their mistake and saw potential in him.

After Steve Jobs demise in October 2011, many awards which were still pending would be given to him. So, keep reading ‘Mind News’ and we will update you on the next news about Steve Jobs recognition and achievements for his contributions.

A few facts about Steve Jobs:

Before he started Apple Computers in 1976, Jobs took a position as a video game designer with Atari in 1974. Several months later he left Atari to find spiritual enlightenment in India, and travelled the continent and experimented psychedelic drugs.


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